Agency or freelancer – help me decide

Agency vs. Freelance - what's better?

Choosing between a freelancer graphic designer and a design agency is an age long problem for someone who needs their creative conundrums solved. Each have their merits, so let's take a look and try and help you decide between an agency and freelancer....


Bargain Hunter or Boutique Experience? Let's be honest it's at the top of very close to the top of your requirements. Freelancers often offer budget-friendly rates, like finding a great deal at your favourite vintage clothes shop. On the other hand, design agencies can provide a premium, boutique experience, like shopping at a high-end fashion store. It's all about finding the right fit for your wallet.

Expertise and Experience

Old Hand or Fresh Face? Choosing between a seasoned pro (freelancer) and a young talent (agency) is like deciding between a classic favourite restaurant and the next trendy new spot in Ipswich town centre. Both can serve up delicious results, depending on your appetite for risk and adventure.

Project Complexity

Take on the country or the universe? If your project is as ambitious and you want to take your business or brand to the next level, a freelancer might have a design service that suits you. But if it you're a nationwide FSTE100 company looking to take on the world, a design agency will have a lot more resource.


Coffee Chat or Conference Call? Are you more comfortable with a cozy coffee shop chat (freelancer) or a structured conference call with a team of boffins (agency)? It's all about finding the communication style that suits your project best.


Sprint or Marathon? Freelancers might sprint to the finish line like a track star, while agencies approach projects like a well-paced marathon relay. Consider your project's urgency and choose accordingly.


Custom Tailoring or Off-the-Rack? Both will be able to offer you something that fits you however a freelancer may offer a personalised, custom-tailored approach, like getting a bespoke suit made just for you. Meanwhile, design agencies provide a more standardized, off-the-rack experience, like shopping for a ready-to-wear outfit. Decide which style suits your project best.


One-on-One or Team Effort? Do you prefer working closely with one point of contact who will guide you through the entire journey (freelancer) or the collective expertise of a team (agency)? It's all about finding the right balance between individual attention and collaborative effort.


If you're looking for one to one, personalised experience which is budget friendly, then a freelancer might be the one for you! If you've got more time and budget to play with and want to benefits from a large team of dedicated experts then agency could be the way forward!

In the end, whether you choose a freelancer or a design agency, what matters most is finding a partner who understands your vision and can bring it to life effectively and efficiently.

If you think that a freelancer might be the way forward for you - then get in touch and let's see if we can bring your ideas to life!

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