Freelance Graphic Design & Art Direction

Everything you need to know

The long story

  • Fully trained (with fancy certificates) in Graphic Design and Marketing
  • Worked with clients from all around the world as well as ones from just round the corner
  • I like dogs and tea

The short story

I have always been a fan of aesthetics, even in my early years. So I decided to try and make a career woven within that. I started at college in Suffolk, went to study further in Brighton and then returned to Suffolk to put all of the pieces together. I've worked as an in-house designer, an agency-side designer and freelance with clients locally, nationally and internationally.

Design services made simple (ish)

Many things can be created with the help of a Freelance Graphic Designer. To make it nice and easy to understand it's been broken down into sections below.

  • Branding

    The art of working with a brand or identity, services include things like

    • Logo design – A symbol to represent you or your company, product or service
    • Brand design – Bringing all elements of your company together to work in harmony
    • Business stationary – Design of business cards, letterheads and compliment slips
  • Print

    The design of anything that will then be applied to another material, services here will be

    • Leaflet design – promotional marketing material used to spread the word 
    • Poster and large format design – Anything from an a4 clip frame to an entire wall
    • Merchandise design – Transferring your image onto something as small as a pencil to a tea towel
  • Digital

    Pixel perfect design for all things digital, services are

    • Website design – Websites, web shops, fully responsive to work on every device imaginable
    • Email marketing – Send out fully branded email which can easily be customised
  • Marketing

    Trying to increase footfall or website traffic? Want to convert those visitors into customers?. Thinking of expanding your business but no idea where to start? From CTR to ROI, all of the confusing acronyms can be made clear

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